We’ve all been deprived of human connection over the past year. And whether your best friend is down the street or across the world, you probably haven’t seen them as much as you’d like lately. Podcasts obviously can’t compare to traveling to see a friend or chatting with your mates at Happy Hour, but there is a solid list of shows that welcome you in as a member of their crew. Hearing these hosts and their guests talk openly about their thoughts and experiences together is sometimes all we need to alleviate some loneliness these days. So, sit back and meet your new friends.


Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast

The stand-up comedian and actor has always considered his friends his family. After being a finalist on the sixth season of The Last Comic Standing in 2008, Dye went on to host a bevy of comedy shows before launching this podcast in March of 2018. In each episode, Dye brings in a different member of his friend family to share laughs and memories. From fellow celebrities to his favorite Uber driver, Dye just loves to shoot the shit with his pals.


The Bitch Bible

As creator of the world-famous blog of the same name, Jackie Schimmel is an unfiltered force to be reckoned with. The Bitch Bible brand offers a raw take on all the struggles, pop culture trends, and social faux pas that come with being a millennial. Instead of just reading content, this podcast gives Schimmel and listeners a platform to audibly rant about all things LIFE. Our new, neurotic best friend discusses topics including her alter ego and getting baptized after ordering a demonic poke bowl.


The Friendship File

“Do you ever wonder how your friends really see you? What would life be like if they weren’t around? Parents, partners, children all come and go, but our friends stay…What makes it work?” Before recording each episode, a pair of best friends are asked 17 questions about each other, then come together to reveal their answers and insights to listeners. The show prides themselves on being an easy listen without much to distract you, just two pals chatting about what makes their friendship tick.


Better Friendship Through Podcasting

Best friends Adam Ellis and Kristin Rossi work at the same company, but craved more time together to talk about the FUN stuff. So, after clocking out, they head to one of their houses, get drunk, and catch up – all while recording. Each episode brings up a different topic for the duo to fight and laugh about, like growing up in the 80’s or weird personal rituals.


Best Friends

With Nicole Byers best known for her hosting gig on Netflix’s Nailed It! and Sasheer Zamata for her time on Saturday Night Live, these NYC besties know how to bring the hilarious and good vibes. They have something to say about everything, and with quirky episode titles like Sasheer Was A Turtle in A Past Life and Nicole Thinks Aliens Would Keep Her for A Little Bit, it’s hard to find a dull moment with these ladies.


Fake Doctors, Real Friends

We loved watching Zach Braff and Donald Faison play best friends on Scrubs for all those years, and now listening to real-life BFFs relive their hysterical memories on set is the next best thing! As the former surgeons pick apart one episode at a time, sometimes what happened behind the scenes is even funnier than what made it on camera. Episodes are released twice a week and beloved cast members and super fans often stop by for a nostalgic chat.


Call Your Girlfriend

Hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, this podcast is dedicated to long-distance besties everywhere. These boss babes, along with their executive producer Gina Delvac, explain, “We’re highbrow and lowbrow, fiercely, opinionated, and not afraid to realtak each other about everything… We highlight women who are agents, creators, movers, and shakers who have smart, interesting things to say. We also care deeply about the lived experiences of non-famous women who are just trying to get through the week.” The ladies manifest their beliefs by practicing the Shine Theory, meaning when one of us shines, we all do.



This outrageous podcast is hosted by actor and comedian Bobby Lee, alongside his best friend turned partner, Khalyla Kuhn. The couple does not hold anything back when discussing various ridiculous topics every Wednesday. With nearly 300 episodes to choose from and never a shortage of belly laughs, you can also view the episodes on their YouTube channel to see special guests sipping whiskey or lighting up a joint.


What Are Friends For

Currently both actresses and producers, this best friend combo came from very different backgrounds before meeting on a theater job in college. While their individual careers flourished from there, working on hit television shows like Master of None and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, they always knew they wanted to work together again in the future. Then BOOM, 2020 and the pandemic happened, and the girls realized they needed a friend to lean on then more than ever. In this podcast, they promise to “dive into joyful meaningful, and uncomfortable conversations about platonic love in a socially distanced world. Whether near, far, or 6-feet-apart.”