The coronavirus might’ve canceled many events, but it didn’t cancel Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Although most of us will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at our own home this year, that doesn’t mean that we’re not getting ready just to sit in the living room.

All of your family might not get to see your outfit this year, but Instagram sure will! (I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what people are wearing on Thanksgiving or Christmas.)

We all know that the holidays mean food and more food! Since we only get to eat some of our favorite foods during the holidays, we stuff ourselves like turkeys, so we need outfits that will disguise our food babies. 

“46 million turkeys are eaten each Thanksgiving, 22 million on Christmas, and 19 million turkeys on Easter..”, according to the Southern Farm Network. 

Lots of turkey eating means we need comfortable, Instagram worthy, and family appropriate outfits for the holidays. 

I say, “family appropriate” because I’m sure we’ve all heard the ripped jeans judgment from an elder at a family holiday gathering.

“You bought those jeans looking like that? It seems like you fell or got dragged.” 

Anyways, here’s a list of styled outfits that will help you avoid those comments and have you looking stylish, but ready to eat all that you can eat!

1. Flowy Dress

This outfit is perfect if you want to go all out and wear a dress, but want to disguise a food belly. It is flowy, comfortable, and combines fall colors. You can also opt for flat sandals or flats depending on how comfortable you want to feel.

2. Sweater Dress

The perfect combination of warmth, comfort, and chic. Adding accessories like the snake print purse makes a simple dress outfit look edgier.

3. Plaid Skirt

If you’re feeling a little braver and don’t mind being a bit cold during these holidays, this is your outfit. Although, you definitely add some white or black tights to make this outfit cozier. Oh, and also a nice trench coat!

4. Flowy Dress + Knee High Boots

Dressy, flowy, but warm with the combination of the camel-colored knee-high boots.

5. Faux Leather Everything

If you’re not a dress kind of girl, trade your denim jeans for a fun pair of pants. Faux Leather is always in and makes you look expensive.

No matter which one of these outfits you decide to opt for, you will definitely be amongst the best dressed for dinner. 

These five options can also be worn throughout the fall and winter depending on the occasion. 

If you need more outfit inspiration for the holidays or any other event, don’t forget to follow some of the top adult or mini upcoming fashionistas on Instagram right now. 

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