It is time to stop the excuses and start marking your dream destinations on your bucket -list. This generation is young a thriving, so let’s stop talking and start doing! Traveling can get expensive, and let’s face it; money is the main reason most of us put traveling on the back burner. We have to work to have money, and unfortunately, we can’t be in two places at once, or can we? With the recent events of COVID-19, our world has experienced fear, sickness, and loneliness; however, COVID-19 has brought about innovations, ideas, and opportunities in the workforce and might be the changes we travelers need.

Here are 5 reasons you can switch from work work work to a better balance of work and pleasure with no catches, hidden agendas or scams!



1. Working From Home is The New Style

Since the recent social distancing rules and guidelines became normalized globally, many companies have had to learn to function virtually. Many companies have realized the benefit of having their employees work from home, including cost reduction and flexibility for employees to work from anywhere. This is a spectacular advancement simply because you can enjoy the luxury of working from home in whatever location you desire as an employee of a remote job. France, the Caribbean, the USA, etc., the options are endless.

2. Most Companies Offer Paid Time Off

Whether remote or in person, make sure you are being treated fairly and receiving paid time off each year. Employers are not required to give paid time, but over 90% of employers do awards that benefit their works. Make sure you are working for a company that values your time off and recuperation as much as you do. If the job is upfront explaining there is no time off for said position, there is nothing wrong with negotiating vacation time like you would with salary. Make sure your employers want you to live your life outside of the workplace walls.

3. Don’t Waste Your Life Doing What Everyone Else Says You Have to Do

LIVE YOUR LIFE, BABY! Just because “everyone” goes to college doesn’t mean it is right for you. Just because a 9 to 5 job suits your friend’s life, best doesn’t mean it will suit your life and desires. Sometimes you need to take a chance and be free to find what your passion in life is. If you find yourself in a place of confusion for what career you should follow but so desperately want to fulfill your traveling desires, find a way! There is always a way to get to where you want to go, and you don’t need to be established and secure before you do so; where is the fun in that?! In a world of online moneymaking and self-made business, give that option a try! make money through any skills you may have and make your dream of traveling a reality!

4. What if You Saved and Enjoyed a Month of Freedom?

A great option for all those desperate from some travel experiences is to save save save! A simple but effective way to grow your budget for traveling is by setting aside a certain amount of money for each pay period! Gauge how much you will need for your next trip and set aside money accordingly. Perhaps eat out less and stay clear of the online shopping for the ability to add a little extra cash to your savings and push up your trip by a few weeks!

5. Make Your Gift List a Trip!

Some may say they like to receive gifts, so why not make a gift you receive something you actually can experience. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, or simply a treat to yourself! Utilize one of the holidays as a way to request the perfect gift! The gift of travel. Just think, if you requested funds for a trip for your year of holidays, you would be to your dream destination in no time! Plus, think of how happy your family and friends will be when they see their gift of support is producing such an amazing experience and smile! Adulting is difficult, and many of us would love to save what we can from our job earnings! this allows the best of both worlds and is much better than any gifted object! Save your holiday dollars for your long-awaited travel experiences! Work with what you’ve got, and you can make anything happen!

Enjoy your trip! send us a postcard