Allow the angels to sing because “hallelujah” we made it folks. We made it to 2021. It was questionable on at least fifty different occasions throughout 2020 and that’s me being optimistic. Great, we made it to the following year, now what? Well first off, proceed with caution but secondly make sure you are entering and looking nothing but your best while updating a main staple piece in your closet. Which staple piece am I referring to? You guessed it, the little black dress. Celebs don’t start their year without one so why should you be any different? Even better- find out where they actually are buying their little black dresses; enter the year more fresh than ever before.

History of The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is always a showstopper, whether it be the: 1994 famous “revenge dress” worn by Princess Diana, the stunning halter dress with cutout details worn by Kate Moss with, then boyfriend, Johnny Depp  (1990), or the 1970 long black sheer chiffon dress worn by Jaqueline Kennedy, have you ever seen anything more refined? Coco Chanel seems to be the designer that comes to mind when thinking of the infamous dress, makes sense being the creator and all in the 1920’s. She made this dress sophisticated and timeless; Chanel seems to always do the trick. Though this designer is often the first to come to mind when thinking of LBD, she is not the only one. Elle explains, “The little black dress may have been introduced by Coco Chanel, but it was Audrey Hepburn who made the garment famous in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. From Hepburn’s Givenchy sheath to Queen Bey’s Topshop embellished mini, the LBD has become the uniform of choice for some of the most iconic women in history…” These women set the standard and the LBD only keeps evolving today with new and exciting updates from one celeb to the next.

LBD 1.

Erin Walsh, Celebrity Fashion Stylist who is represented by The Wall Group posted a picture via Instagram of Actress, Lucy Hale by the brand, Area. The current dresses listed on their website seem to range from $395-$2650. I spy a dress similar to Hale’s for $395. Need a more affordable version? No problem. Asos carries a similar vibe for just 35 euros. 

LBD 2.

Shay Mitchell and her Wardrobe Stylist, Monica Rose are constantly killing the fashion game. This look takes a classic little black dress, adds a little sassy, with the asymmetrical cut dress, and a little sweet with the beautiful puff sleeves and polka dot print. This polka dot wonder is by the Romy Collection. A brand that was “born in Dubai and made in New York City.” The specific style that Mitchell is wearing is the Minnie Jacket and is $300-$730. Another way to still get these cute polka dot prints is to check out the Belford Dress from Reformation for $128.

LBD 3.

More into the sexy sultry vibe? So is our girl JLO. Talk about bringing sexy back with all those irresistible cutouts. A brand that is known for cutouts and fun geometric shapes is: Cult Gaia, a personal favorite. The Ali Gown will give you the look that you’re after for $798. This brand offers different price points, starting from $298.

LBD 4.

The final little black dress option is worn by the one and only Chrissy Teigen- her mans to her side is making her LBD look that match better- oh hi John Legend. It’s pretty clear that we can’t see which dress she is for sure wearing but I would imagine she would wear something along the lines of a blazer dress. Revolve carries this cool chic look for $198.

Now that you know a little bit of the history of the infamous little black dress, have fun with It! Allow yourself to evolve with the LBD and make major moves with this dress. Now that you know what to step into 2021 wearing, don’t let anything or anyone else slow you down. After all, we did just give a secret weapon.