Whether you’re trying to be socially conscious or have delicate skin, there are plenty of brands that have made it their mission statement to be vegan. If you’re not entirely sure what is considered vegan in the world of beauty, well, let us explain. A brand is considered vegan when their products are not tested on animals nor are they animal derived. Milk, beeswax, or honey, that is 100 percent not vegan.

Now, there are a lot of brands claiming to be absolutely vegan, but when you read the fine print it tells a different story. The vegan life is a tricky one to live by and it’s certainly not for everyone, totally get that. However, if you are thinking of switching over to a vegan beauty brand, then lets narrow down the players to make the process less daunting. Below are the 10 brands that are doing vegan the right way and some are probably already in your makeup bag!

1. E.L.F. Cosmetics

We can’t talk vegan brands without mentioning E.L.F. cosmetics. Not only is it completely affordable, but it’s cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan! In the last years, E.L.F. has been a staple in many of our beauty routines from the Camo CC Cream to their Glow Radiant Moisturizers and everything in between. Without a doubt this is the brand that just keeps on giving while also protecting the environment and our furry friends.

2. Milk Makeup

Devoted to being vegan, paraben-free and cruelty-free, Milk Makeup has an extensive collection of amazing products everyone can try to get that no-makeup makeup look! The ultra-hydrating formulas ensure a healthy glow no matter the season. Best part of Milk Makeup is that every product is designed for an easy application, so no brushes required and no more spending hours perfecting your everyday makeup.

3. KVD Vegan Beauty

KVD Beauty has gone through a major revamping in the last year after Kat Von D formally resigned from the brand. KVD Vegan Beauty formally relaunched January 2021 with the initials now representing “Kindness, Vegan Beauty”. Apart from the brand no longer having ties with the tattoo artist, KVD packaging has also been altered to be earth friendly. If the Good Apple Foundation is anything to go by, then safe to say no one is going to regret shopping a little more vegan!

4. EcoTools

You’re gonna need a good set of tools in your beauty routine, so why not give EcoTools a try? The popular and affordable brand is known for giving back to ensure a healthy environment. Every brush, applicator, bath accessory, and sponge is without a doubt vegan made. Our personal favorite is the Bioblender sponge – the world’s first biodegradable makeup sponge!

5. Dimension Nails

If there is one beauty product we can’t live without it’s nail polish and Dimension Nails is winning hearts with their commitment to being both vegan and cruelty-free. They’ve even taken inspiration through nature when naming each collection and color. Just take a look at these four above, Coquina Clam, is the perfect pink shade for spring/summer.


Made with compassion, the planet, and you – that’s Pacifica’s mission statement and it couldn’t be truer. From the beginning, Pacifica became a cult favorite thanks to the endless selection of beauty products, ranging from makeup to creamy gel cleansers. The brand even has a recycling program in place that allows you to send in empty bottles in exchange for points that will add up to free products!

7. Kylie Skin

Kylie Jenner’s beauty line became an instant hit within seconds of it launching back in 2015, so there’s no surprise that the makeup mogul would add a skincare lineup. If that wasn’t already exciting enough, then it being vegan-friendly and suitable for all skin types definitely made everyone ready to make that final purchase. The Vanilla Milk Toner not only smells PHENOMENAL, but it’s made with avocado oil and apple fruit extract that improves the look of skin within a matter of weeks.

8. Cover FX

Cover FX is PETA-approved, need we say more? None of Cover FX’s formulas, ingredients, or finished products come from animals, nor are they tested on them. The products aren’t even sold in countries that require animal testing by law. Some favorite products from Cover Fx include the Perfecting Setting Powder and the Mirage Glitter Drops that will give you a stunning morning glow!

9. CoverGirl Clean Fresh

Although not entirely vegan, CoverGirl has made a commitment to being clean and cruelty-free in the coming years. Their newest Clean Fresh collection is, however, 100 percent vegan and labeled accordingly for shoppers to purchase easily. The Skin Milk Foundation is an easy start-up if anyone wants to slowly switch over to the vegan life and wont make a large dent in your wallet. With the natural, dewy finish of each product it’s hard to say no to this collection.

10. Milani

Like CoverGirl, Milani is not entirely vegan but has released various products in their collection that are. Baked blushes, hydrating facial mists, and eyeliners are some on the ever-growing list of products that are absolutely affordable and downright stunning! Next time you’re visiting the local drugstore, check for the plant label on a Milani product and dip your toes into vegan beauty.